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Climb Elbrus from south

Southern route is the easiest, safest
and fastest. It is suited for climbers
that would like to take their climbing
beyond a recreational level, and are
interested in comfortable ascent
Europe's highest peak - mount Elbrus!

Climb Elbrus from north

You have to do it to adequately
prepare for climbing mountains
in the great ranges in the world,
surrounded by untouched nature.

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Climbing Elbrus from south 11 days
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Best of all, our guides will introduce you to the Elbrus. Our guides also embody the culture through their love affair with climbing’s rich history, stunning natural landscapes of Caucasus and ceaseless explorations in climbs.

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Mount Elbrus

At 5,642 m Mt Elbrus is the highest point in Europe (and one of the 7 summits - the highest points on each of the continents). Elbrus is in the heart of the mighty Caucasus Range, which runs for over 1200kms from the Black Sea in the West to the Caspian Sea in the East. The mountain itself is about 1000 m higher than any of the neighboring mountains and so dominates the landscape like almost no other mountain. Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano located in the western Caucasus mountain range, in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay–Cherkessia, Russia, near the border of Georgia. Mt. Elbrus's peak is the highest in the Caucasus, in Russia. While there are differing authorities on how the Caucasus are distributed between Europe and Asia, many sources agree that:

Elbrus is the highest mountain in all of Europe.

Elbrus is also the highest mountain in all of Europe, or the highest in western Asia, narrowly exceeding another volcano, Mt. Damavand in the Alborz range in Iran. Mt. Elbrus (west summit) stands at 5,642 metres (18,510 ft); the east summit is slightly lower at 5,621 metres (18,442 ft).Other names Uashhemafe – the mount of happiness, or the blessed mountain (Circassian) Mingi Taw – a Karachay–Balkar (Turkic). Mingi Taw means an eternal mountain or Thousand Mountain.Geographical setting Elbrus stands 20 km (12 mi) north of the main range of the Greater Caucasus and 65 km (40 mi) south-southwest of the Russian town of Kislovodsk. Its permanent icecap feeds 22 glaciers, which in turn give rise to the Baksan, Kuban, and Malka Rivers.Elbrus sits on a moving tectonic area, and has been linked to a fault. A supply of magma lies deep beneath the dormant volcano.


Равным образом сложившаяся структура организации представляет собой интересный эксперимент…
Равным образом сложившаяся структура организации представляет собой интересный эксперимент…
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